Relationships based on trust


Transparency and closeness

We work hand-in-hand with suppliers and partners in constant, joint evolution that allows us to build relationships of trust through a common project. We ensure these relationships are based on integrity, selecting companies that are committed to current ethical, social, and environmental standards and committing to them.  

Evaluations and Tenders

To participate in Crea Madrid Nuevo Norte tenders, you must be invited to create an account on the e-Licita platform. Once registered, you will receive an email inviting you to take part in the bidding process. From here, you can also access the supplier evaluation process.

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Order status

Access the digital tool that allows you to track your purchase orders and consult all the information regarding the status of your orders. Available soon.

Supplier Code of Ethics

Ethics and transparency are two fundamental principles at Crea Madrid Nuevo Norte. As such, we promote policies and procedures that ensure these principles are met in our relationships with suppliers, as well as in their relations with their own business partners.

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CREA Madrid Nuevo Norte’s relationship with suppliers is governed by the Suppliers’ Code of Ethics and the Corporate Standard for the Acquisition of Goods. 

Contact and Supplier Assistance

If you have any questions or wish to contact us: 

  • For enquiries regarding evaluations, tenders in progress, or orders: consultas_compras@creamnn.com 
  • For enquiries regarding issues with e-LICITA, please contact the tool server in Spain at +34 917870226.