DCN is now called Crea Madrid Nuevo Norte as we move into this decisive phase of the capital’s great development project

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DCN is now called Crea Madrid Nuevo Norte

DCN is now called Crea Madrid Nuevo Norte as we move into this decisive phase of the capital’s great development project

The company’s new name represents the fusion of two concepts: our drive to create a city and our commitment to promote Madrid Nuevo Norte as a legacy for future generations.

This new name is also a visible marker for the new stage we are entering in Madrid’s great transformation, which is already in the execution phase.


Distrito Castellana Norte (DCN) has changed its name to Crea Madrid Nuevo Norte (CreaMNN), as the company enters the decisive phase of the transformative urban development initiative, Madrid Nuevo Norte, which, after 28 years of planning, has entered the implementation phase for the first time in its history and is therefore now a reality.

The new name represents the fusion of the two elements that best define the biggest private promoter of Madrid Nuevo Norte: our drive to create a city and to promote the capital’s great urban transformation project.

As of today, the company’s name will be forever associated with its dedication to promoting the completion of Madrid Nuevo Norte, working alongside the other owners and Public Administrations. This name also reinforces the company’s commitment to this strategic project for the city and the region, as well as to the citizens, institutions and public companies linked to the project, all pursuing the same legacy of creating the best possible Madrid for future generations.

To achieve this, the company’s vocation is rooted in a very strong purpose and solid values: “Our purpose is to make Madrid the best city in the world, a city that shows how good we already are and just how great we can become, the best of the best” said the president of Crea Madrid Nuevo Norte, Álvaro Aresti.

In this new stage, CreaMNN is beginning with the firm conviction that Madrid is already an extraordinary city, so we are working to continue improving it and making it a global leader in innovation and urban sustainability. We will always respect Madrid’s unique identity, whilst working to enhance and adapt it to the new social, economic, technological, and environmental realities of the world today, and always putting people at the very heart of all decisions.


City creators

We are a team of more than 60 professionals in fields as diverse as engineering, architecture, urban planning, finance, environmental sciences, property development, law, sociology, and communication. We can draw on all these disciplines to place our knowledge and expertise at the service of Madrid Nuevo Norte, the most important urban regeneration project in Europe.

Our new name marks the end of a long period during which we have worked to define the best possible urban development initiative. We are now launching new phase that is both exciting and complex as we set out to materialise his great example of public-private collaboration.


Next steps

The company is announcing its new name at a key moment in the Madrid Nuevo Norte project, which is coming to a head over the coming months, as urban development projects are rolled out in areas such as Tablas Oeste and Centro de Negocios Chamartin. The aim is for works to get underway  at the end of 2023 in Las Tablas Oeste and around one year later in the Centro de Negocios Chamartin.

14 July 2022



14 July 2022

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