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Why Crea Madrid Nuevo Norte?

Let’s shape the city of the future together 

Join our team and help us face the challenge of building a new 21st-century city. We are a team of more than 60 professionals working to create a sustainable, inclusive, people-focused city model.  

We address each challenge like a blank slate. We work tirelessly with our eyes fixed on the future. We leave nothing to chance and take nothing for granted. We want to leave future generations cities that represent the best of who we are and who we can be.  

We are looking for talented, enthusiastic, creative, committed people to help us make this major project a reality.  

Enthusiasm for a unique project

Forming part of the Crea Madrid Nuevo Norte team requires understanding the magnitude of the project before us, one that will transform the city as we know it, ushering in a more sustainable, humane future that will improve the lives of countless people. A project with these characteristics needs fully dedicated professionals who firmly believe in what they do and who feel part of the great opportunity this historic milestone represents.

Diversity for a diverse city

The city integrates diverse realities, consisting of and enriched by different human perspectives. As such, our team must reflect this reality to ensure the city we create together with the residents who live and thrive there, and reflects who they are.

Equality and inclusion, in our DNA

Creating a new urban environment from scratch is a unique opportunity to assess the various ways people make use of the city, regardless of age, gender, circumstance, or disability. Our perspective on urban development is based on this premise, inspiring us to strive every day to create the best project for all residents.

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Spontaneous candidacy

We would love to meet you Would you like to be part of the Crea Madrid Nuevo Norte team? Leave us your CV and we will consider it for future vacancies that fit your profile.

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