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One hundred seventy thousand (170,000) residents embrace DCN’s Social Engagement model for Madrid Nuevo Norte

The company presents its first Social Engagement Report

One hundred seventy thousand (170,000) residents embrace DCN's Social Engagem...

The measures planned for Madrid Nuevo Norte will make it an international benchmark of sustainability by applying best practices as they relate to environmental respect, the wellbeing of people, and driving the local economy, prosperity, and job creation.

Javier Torralba

Director of BREEAM in Spain

The commitment to a sustainable vision and a resilient future for Madrid Nuevo Norte will position Madrid as an international benchmark of habitability in the decades to come.

Kay Killmann

Managing director of Green Building Certification Institute Europe (GBCI Europe)

LEED pre-certification recognises Madrid Nuevo Norte’s commendable commitment to sustainability.

Reshma Kulkarni

Director of LEED for Cities at GBCI

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