City model

The Madrid of the future with a focus on people

City design

Designing public spaces, streets, squares, parks, determining the placement of future schools, healthcare centres, sports centres… and defining what each and every one of the elements of the city will be like is much more than a theoretical or technical question. To a large extent, this design process will determine what the day-to-day life of the city’s inhabitants will be like and, therefore, has a direct impact on people’s quality of life. Madrid Nuevo Norte has taken into account all the aspects that converge in a project as complex and, at the same time, as exciting as the creation of a new neighbourhood, to make it into a one-of-a-kind project. And it has done it thanks to the work of top professionals in urban planning and a ground-breaking citizen participation process.

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Responding to the challenges of the future

Cities will face major social, environmental, and economic challenges in the decades to come. Their ability to successfully face and overcome these challenges will depend to a large extent on how we address them today, through the design of the spaces we will inhabit. Madrid Nuevo Norte represents a golden opportunity for our city to respond to these challenges.

The project’s design addresses key aspects for the future, such as how we will get around every day, access to quality jobs or the right to a healthier environment, designed by and for the people who live in the city. A future based on the best practices in international urban planning and technological innovation, without giving up the essence and way of life of Madrid and its citizens.

Quality of life

Madrid Nuevo Norte creates an environment designed to guarantee the highest level of well-being for the people who live and work in both the adjacent neighbourhoods and in the new areas that will be created. All thanks to public spaces that are designed to encourage healthy lifestyles and let us breathe cleaner air.

Economic reactivation

Madrid Nuevo Norte represents a golden opportunity to reactivate the economy of the city, region, and country as a whole. To achieve this, the project’s design combines local and global economic activity, relying on innovation and talent. For this reason, we are promoting neighbourhood commerce, including ground-floor retail spaces on 90% of the plots, while, at the same time, creating the largest business district in southern Europe next to Chamartín Station.


Madrid Nuevo Norte is designing a city with opportunities for all. In addition to creating nearly 200,000 jobs during the project’s construction phase, another 150,000 jobs are expected to be generated by the future activity of the new neighbourhoods, thanks to the local commerce network and the innovative business district that will be created.


Madrid Nuevo Norte has been designed to be the international reference for sustainable cities. It is the first European urban development project that has been pre-certified to simultaneously obtain the two most recognised international sustainability seals, LEED and BREEAM, which means that the project meets the most stringent environmental and social commitment requirements. Madrid Nuevo Norte has also been chosen as a case study in several urban sustainability research projects led by the European Union.

Mobility is the foundation

Move more efficiently and pollute less, get where we need to be sooner and spend more time with the people we want to see.

To make these goals a reality, we’ve designed a compact, mixed-use city model that allows people to live, work, and access all services without the need to travel long distances. All of this in an environment designed to save millions of trips and reduce the carbon footprint.

With streets designed for walking, wide public spaces and a complete network of cycle paths. Madrid Nuevo Norte brings together all of the day-to-day needs in a radius that can be covered in just a few minutes on foot or by bicycle.

The backbone of Madrid Nuevo Norte is formed by an extensive public transport network that integrates Metro, Cercanías commuter rail, urban and intercity buses and a ground-breaking Bus Rapid Transit system, which will make it easier for those who need to travel longer distances to choose these options over private vehicles.

Everything close by

In Madrid Nuevo Norte, the Madrid we are creating, everything is close by: work, cinema, school, everything is just a few minutes away. A dense, compact city model translates into an urban environment where virtually everything you need is less than a 10-minute walk away, making it a more people-friendly place. Schools, parks, healthcare centres, shops, museums… will coexist and intermingle with homes and offices to create an environment that is full of life at all hours of the day, seven days a week.

Reclaiming neighbourhoods, bringing people together

Madrid Nuevo Norte is continuing a growing trend among the world’s most important cities: taking advantage of the opportunity presented by the brownfield land in their downtown areas, usually occupied by transport infrastructure or disused industries.

There are lots of advantages to reclaiming urban voids as opposed to expanding the city with new development: not only does it connect isolated areas and improve mobility, but it also optimises natural resources and increases the use of facilities and infrastructure by more citizens, making cities more sustainable.

The design of Madrid Nuevo Norte is not being implemented as something separate from its surroundings; rather it is being fully integrated into the existing city, extending the streets, preserving the character and identity of the neighbourhoods that surround the project and highlighting their historical and cultural heritage.

Smart city

A true smart city is not a city that has the most technological gadgets, but rather is a city that is able to coherently incorporate innovation and technology to improve the lives of citizens.

The aim of the creation of a smart district in Madrid Nuevo Norte is to exploit the true potential of a digital city: to place people at the centre of decision-making, to improve their quality of life and to create a more environmentally friendly and socially focused area

Interconnected networks

State-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure is the foundation required to create a smart city. In collaboration with international research projects and leading companies in smart cities, Madrid Nuevo Norte will create a complete data infrastructure that will be used to apply innovations at different levels, from the city scale down to the individual

Smart infrastructure

Madrid Nuevo Norte will develop detailed studies to create a network of smart energy, logistics, water, and waste infrastructure. These facilities, integrated into the city on a large scale, will efficiently and adaptively manage the resource consumption of the new district. Some of the measures being studied are a district-wide smart HVAC network that is able to reuse waste heat from certain buildings in other buildings that need it, or the possibility of accumulating clean energy in the batteries of parked electric vehicles that can then be used in the city.

Sensor-equipped public spaces

The integration of technology into public space will manage information in real time to achieve smart mobility and provide citizens with practical information to facilitate decision-making during their travel. The lighting and other elements of street furniture will be equipped with sensors to better adapt to the needs at any given time and optimise their performance. Among other measures, these sensors will make it possible to adapt the irrigation of public parks to provide the amount of water that plants need at any given time based on weather conditions.

Efficient buildings

Madrid Nuevo Norte is ready for the construction of smart buildings that will use technology as an added value, to achieve maximum efficiency of the installations as well as the comfort of the people who will use the residential buildings, offices, and facilities. All integrated into the network at the city level.

Smart Citizens

One of the main goals of smart cities is to enable citizens to make decisions that affect how they relate to their environment on a daily basis, such as what mode of travel, what route to take, or how they are going to use public facilities. To achieve this, it is essential to use technology as a support tool that uses interaction to determine their needs and provide information that is practical for day-to-day life. This idea will be developed in Madrid Nuevo Norte, starting with the creation of apps and two-way systems that will inform residents in real time of the progress of the urban development works and will gather information on the mobility needs of citizens at any given time.

Social innovation

Madrid Nuevo Norte transcends the scope of the project itself. It proposes new solutions to latent problems and challenges in the surrounding neighbourhoods and in the city as a whole, focused on improving people’s quality of life through innovative forms of collaboration between businesses, civil society, public administrations and citizens.

Social innovation in Madrid Nuevo Norte translates into new processes, practices, and methods to carry out initiatives that include the participation of citizens and groups. Citizens play a role in their own urban development, strengthening their sense of belonging and turning them into agents of change in their own neighbourhoods.

The main goal of these initiatives is to involve civil society as a whole to seek more effective responses to the demands of citizens, focusing on important aspects such as urban-rural balance or the introduction of the gender perspective into urban design. All while maintaining ongoing contact with the Madrid’s most important universities to carry out research projects to improve the quality of life of residents and include the latest trends in urban development.

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