Madrid Nuevo Norte: Redefining Urban Living with Inclusive Design

Going beyond the removal of architectural barriers, the project will apply the most advanced criteria to create a city that takes into account the needs of all people, their full inclusion and considers the different ways that they use public spaces.

Madrid Nuevo Norte wants to rethink how we live the city, creating a space that guarantees full accessibility to public spaces for the entire population, going beyond the requirements of urban planning legislation to get closer to people’s needs and contribute to the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the city.

Under the new concept of ‘Expanded Universal Accessibility’, the project takes a step forward by adding gender and age criteria, in addition to the needs of people with disabilities, and a participatory process that listens to citizens is under way. This ensures that the project’s proposals are in line with the needs and expectations, giving priority to three main pillars: creation of a universal design as opposed to the removal of barriers; guaranteeing an accessible mobility chain; and accessible pedestrian routes.

A new city model that guarantees that all people have an equal opportunity to enjoy the urban space.

These approaches will make Madrid Nuevo Norte an optimal environment to live in regardless of people’s age or conditions.