The circular
economy and
Madrid Nuevo Norte

Madrid Nuevo Norte is committed to a growth model that focuses on the benefits for society as a whole. The first step to implement circular economy measures will to reuse the materials and waste generated during the urban development and building construction process.

With the focus on minimising the environmental footprint of the materials, we are proposing construction based on the principle of the low-carbon circular economy. The project aims to give a “second life” to the materials present in the project area, more than 92% of which could potentially be reused.

Changing the economic model, starting with the construction phase with and a sustainable cycle of materials

By taking a preliminary inventory of all of the pre-existing structures to be dismantled, demolishing selectively and installing material-recovery facilities right in the project area, Madrid Nuevo Norte will reduce the project’s waste management carbon footprint by close to 70%, reusing the recovered materials as part of the project itself.