DCN and Adif push ahead their agreement to develop Madrid Nuevo Norte

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DCN and Adif push ahead their agreement to develop Madrid Nuevo Norte


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The contract has been adapted to Madrid’s Modified General Urban Plan, initially approved in September this year.  

“This agreement reinforces the consensus reached by all stakeholders to promote this key project for the future of Madrid,” said the president of DCN.

28 December 2018. Distrito Castellana Norte (DCN) and Adif have reached an agreement to extend by three years the contract that grants the developer the rights to the land owned by Adif in northern Madrid.

This extension, valid until 31 December 2021, is based on the collective will to promote the best project for Madrid, with the primary objectives of adapting its content to Madrid’s Modified General Urban Plan, initially approved last September, and providing sufficient time to undertake reliably the final phases of the administrative procedure for the regeneration of northern Madrid.

“The renewal of the contract reflects both parties will to implement this action of general interest, which has been years in the making, and marks a significant step towards the successful conclusion of a key project for Madrid and its citizens,” said Antonio Béjar,
president of DCN.

Madrid Nuevo Norte has already secured the initial approval of Madrid City Council, granted in September 2018, and, in the coming weeks, it should be given the provisional approval at the plenary session of the City Council. Next, the project will be submitted to
the Regional Government of Madrid, who will decide about the final approval.

“The agreement with Adif reinforces the consensus reached on this project by all stakeholders, which also has the support of all public administrations and political parties,” said Antonio Béjar. “No one doubts that Madrid needs this project. This is a popular demand that everyone clearly understood; a groundswell that allowed us to come this far,” he added.

Madrid Nuevo Norte is the most important urban regeneration project in Spain, and one of the most ambitious in Europe. It will transform the old railway and industrial land in northern Madrid into a modern, prosperous and sustainable city, with the renovated Chamartín train station as the focal point of the action.

This project will solve the problems caused by the rail tracks in the capital’s northern districts. It will also promote a new sustainable urban planning model that focuses on improving quality of life, thus making Madrid one of the most advanced cities.

The project will create a compact, mixed-use city, firmly committed to sustainable public transport and mobility. Some 10,500 dwellings will be built, 20% of which will be social housing. This is double the number required by law for new developments.

Furthermore, a state-of-the-art CBD will be built next to Chamartín train station. The project will also include unique green spaces and public facilities to meet the needs of new residents and neighbouring areas.  

28 December 2018


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