The City Council issues a call for the reform of the Nudo Norte (Madrid Northern Interchange), an action coordinated with Madrid Nuevo Norte

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This redevelopment will reduce traffic congestions and CO2 emissions, improving road safety significantly.

The works will begin this year with a 22-month execution period.


Madrid’s City Council approved the call for tender for the first phase of the Nudo Norte reform, a major arterial road used daily by over 270,000 vehicles. According to Madrid’s mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, this interchange represents today “one of mobility’s black spots in Madrid”. The works to eliminate the existing leaf ramps will begin by year-end with a 22-month execution period.

This action will significantly improve road safety and reduce traffic congestion. According to Madrid’s City Council, this will save CO2 emissions from road transport in the city by 0.5%.

During the press conference held after the Regional Government’s meeting giving the green light to the project, Martínez-Almeida stated that the project was designed “in coordination with the Madrid Nuevo Norte project”.

This municipal action opens a path to the future urban development of Madrid Nuevo Norte, which is why both projects are perfectly coordinated. The first phase of the interchange redevelopment project will create the necessary infrastructure, for instance, integration of future elements, such as the bus lane linking Castellana Avenue to the A-1 motorway, or the CBD to the M-30 ring road.

Once the Madrid Nuevo Norte project is underway, the second phase of the Nudo Norte redevelopment will be coordinated with the future undergrounding of the final section of Castellana Avenue. Madrid’s City Council will also create a one-hectare green area opposite the Cuatro Torres and La Paz Hospital, and a new, ground-level multimodal area where all bus stops will be reorganised.


Replacing existing leaf ramps with level crossings

The M-30 ring road’s Nudo Norte is a high-capacity interchange where several roads (M-30 ring road, M-607 road, Castellana Avenue, M-11 road and A-1 motorway) converge at ground level. The project eliminates the four (4) leaf ramps causing the current loss of capacity and significant congestion problems. These four (4) level intersections will be replaced by new crossings at different levels: three underpasses and one overpass connecting the M-607 to Castellana Avenue. Additional roads will be rearranged, existing viaducts will be realigned, and structures above the roads will be expanded.

This is Madrid City Council’s first project using BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology from end-to-end (design, construction, conservation and maintenance). The BIM methodology involves the comprehensive management of construction and civil work projects to optimise all processes.

20 May 2020


Madrid Nuevo Norte

20 May 2020

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