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The implementation of Madrid Nuevo Norte will involve several initiatives to minimise inconvenience and add value to neighbouring districts.


Obras de urbanización que piensan en los vecinos


The project has now moved from the planning to the implementation phase following the recent approval of Madrid Nuevo Norte by the Government of Madrid. Does this mean that the works will start immediately? The answer is no. There is still a lot to be done before construction starts. Indeed, the immediate objectives of the project implementation phase are to set up the Owners Board and draft and approve reparcelling and urban development projects. The machines will only be brought in when these milestones are completed.

Madrid’s citizens, particularly residents and associations in northern Madrid, are showing a growing interest in the large-scale construction works needed to accomplish this massive urban development project. Madrid’s urban regeneration project is ground-breaking in many respects. It is also pioneering in that it envisages special measures to minimise potential inconvenience and traffic disruptions in the immediate surroundings during the development works.

Madrid Nuevo Norte’s design and planning primarily seek to create a people-centred city that addresses their needs. The implementation phase envisages several initiatives designed to address environmental friendliness, air quality and noise and vibration reduction.

During the implementation phase, particular attention will be given to important aspects such as respect for existing natural heritage, protection of soil and subsoil, and stockpiling, management and recycling of construction waste generated on-site. These measures will be subject to an environmental monitoring programme that will continuously evaluate compliance during the works.


Providing value while the project is in progress

However, the project goes far beyond this. It will introduce such novel measures as bringing value to residents during the construction phase, creating temporary public spaces and infrastructures.

During this phase, DCN aims to meet part of the adjacent neighbourhoods’ needs, whilst permanent solutions will be provided on project completion. A programme that provides temporary facilities and public spaces for residents in areas adjacent to the project during the construction works is already in place. Another project seeks to leverage the immediacy of new technologies, creating communication channels focused on providing residents comprehensive, real-time information about progress and developments.


A self-regulating provision that goes one step further

The project includes a self-regulating provision to minimise inconvenience to residents. All construction projects and works must comply with this regulation, which provides measures for monitoring air quality and conducting a study of routes that construction machinery should take to avoid, where possible, residential areas, schools, sports centres and other facilities.

The land and service roads within site will be periodically hosed to keep down the dust. Furthermore, construction machinery will be verified for compliance with relevant emission standards and, where possible, electrically-powered machinery will be used. Additional restrictions have been introduced to prevent noise and light pollution, in particular, near residential areas, including limited working hours and use of mufflers, where necessary.


Girders built on site to prevent inconveniences

Particular attention will also be given to the impact of vehicular traffic of materials needed at the construction site. The Madrid Nuevo Norte project has given due consideration to this potential problem. The larger elements that require complex and specialised transportation arrangements will be directly prefabricated within the project, making their transfer by road or through the city streets redundant. An on-site manufacturing plant, complemented with industrial prefabrication systems, will minimise inconvenience and shorten the execution period.


Obras de urbanización que piensan en los vecinos

Image: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

2 April 2020


Madrid Nuevo Norte

2 April 2020

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