A transparent city scale model showcases the “inner workings” of Madrid Nuevo Norte to the public

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You can now discover what the great infrastructures of the north of Madrid will be like, thanks to a new interactive model.

This new piece, installed in the project’s exhibition that has already been visited by more than 26,000 people at Castellana 120, can be seen from Monday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.


The Madrid Nuevo Norte exhibition space, located at 120 Castellana Avenue, has a new exhibit for visitors to enjoy. It describes, in a unique way, the large infrastructures that will be built below ground as part of this important urban regeneration project. It is a large, 3-metre long, methacrylate city model that shows what happens under the buildings at Madrid Nuevo Norte.

Indeed, these large infrastructures will play a key role in the Madrid of the future, but once they are built, most of the “inner workings” will be hidden from the public view. This is why, transparent methacrylate has been used to create the city scale model, while different lighting effects highlight the pipelines, tunnels and spaces that will be built below ground. Like the primary city model at the exhibition that provides an overview of the size and uses of the project, this new model is interactive. Visitors can use a keypad to light up the different elements and main infrastructures to learn more about the layout and location.

In particular, the model illustrates several important elements, including the new Metro line and its three stations, and the new intermodal transport hub that will be built: one below ground, next to Chamartín train station, and the other at street level, across La Paz Hospital. Regarding public transport, the city scale model shows the three-kilometre, street-level platform for the Bus Rapid Transit.

One of the more interesting aspects of the new model is that it accurately recreates the water mains that will be replaced at Canal de Isabel II. No less than 80% of Madrid’s drinking water is supplied through these mains. More than 12 kilometres of pipes will be replaced to optimise water efficiency and enhance water management.


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The Madrid Nuevo Norte exhibition opened on 19 December to inform the citizens of Madrid about the details of this project, which will close the gap void to connect the neighbourhoods in northern Madrid, reshaping the image of the city. In addition to the city scale models and other materials created to publicise the project, the exhibition also provides immersive VR experiences with 360º images and audiovisual works.

Since its opening, over 26,000 people have visited the exhibition located at Castellana Avenue, an average of 465 people daily. The exhibition opens from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, Monday to Friday.


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9 April 2019


Madrid Nuevo Norte

9 April 2019

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