Water Management in
Madrid Nuevo Norte

Convinced that the cities of the future must be environmentally friendly and that responsible water management a key part of that, one of Madrid Nuevo Norte’s goals is to minimise the project’s water footprint.

To achieve this goal, a series of demanding measures have been applied, such as increasing the circularity of water management by working at the district level; installing sustainable drainage systems to reproduce the natural water cycle in streets and parks (using porous pavement, rain gardens, wells and drainage ditches); giving water a presence in the design of urban spaces and green areas; as well as reusing water from building roofs and grey water, studying the possibility of installing infrastructure to store and treat this water for irrigation. Smart water management is essential to create a city that is ready to face the climate challenge. For this reason, ground-breaking measures are being implemented for to collect, reuse, reclaim and save water that restore the natural water cycle at the district level.

Water is a valuable and scarce resource.
Madrid Nuevo Norte takes care of it and is prepared for the consequences of climate change.”

The project will also install a reclaimed water network for street cleaning and irrigation and will develop a new smart system that can detect atmospheric conditions to provide the amount of water needed by plants at any given time.

A series of measures aimed at adapting to the projections of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change regarding changes in the water regime, both in terms of frequency and intensity.