Madrid Nuevo Norte: Transforming Mobility for Sustainable, Vibrant Living

Madrid Nuevo Norte is creating a friendly city, where people can get around comfortably on foot, by bike or by all forms of public transport thanks to an urban design centred around mobility that is more sustainable, efficient and useful for people.

We are looking to change the paradigm of mobility in Madrid, moving towards a more sustainable model, in order to have a direct, immediate and favourable impact on the environment, especially in terms of air and noise pollution.

As part of this new concept of mobility, Madrid Nuevo Norte contributes to the naturalisation of the city by integrating routes into the urban structure that are formed by a green network and a network of economic activity that overlap and complement each other.

 The sustainable mobility strategy
is the basis for the urban design of the project.

One of the primary pillars to achieve these goals is the promotion of public transport, and we are approaching mobility from a new perspective that prioritises the use of public transport and uses it as the main structuring element for the urban design, positioning the largest building spaces and a mixture of uses in the areas around the intermodal transport hubs.

The project will help move the city’s decarbonisation strategy forward, thanks to its commitment to high-capacity modes of transport (Metro, Cercanías commuter train and Bus Rapid Transit), as well as measures to discourage private transport and the creation of an extensive cycling network to promote alternative means of transport.