Descarbonisation and energy, key aspects for
Madrid Nuevo Norte

In Madrid Nuevo Norte, ground-breaking renewable energy production and sustainable energy management measures will be applied on a large scale, with a commitment to electric energy and decarbonisation, with the aim of creating a zero-emissions district.

A new concept of city requires a new concept of energy consumption. Focusing on this goal, Madrid Nuevo Norte will implement a model that decarbonises the area through efficient improvement of systems, electrification, renewable generation and an electrical infrastructure that will make mass deployment of electric vehicles possible.

Greenhouse gas reduction and a responsible energy model are two important pillars of the project.

Maximising on-site renewable energy generation, implementing a low-carbon model of electricity demand management with the design of smart grids, and the commitment to efficient urban services and outdoor lighting with the highest energy rating are a few of the actions that will be carried out to achieve these goals.

Changing how we get around will also be fundamental to achieve these milestones, by creating an urban model oriented towards public transport and the decarbonisation of private transport. Deployment of infrastructure to promote electric vehicles, increasing the spaces reserved for recharging points in buildings and setting a minimum number of points in public spaces.