The court guarantees Madrid Nuevo Norte planning approval

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  • The Madrid High Court of Justice dismisses nine appeals against the amendment of Madrid’s General Plan, thus approving planning for Madrid Nuevo Norte, processed by the Madrid local government and definitively approved by the Madrid regional government.
  • With planning approval guaranteed by the Court and all the management instruments in place, the intention is to begin construction in 2024.

Madrid, 14 February 2022. The Madrid High Court of Justice (Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Madrid, “TSJM”) has dismissed nine appeals filed against Madrid Nuevo Norte’s definitive planning approval, thus confirming the legal fortitude of the plan, drafted and processed by the Madrid local government and definitively approved by the Madrid regional government with the participation of the Spanish government through Adif.

These court rulings resolve the legal viability of a strategic project for the county, which enjoys widespread institutional and social support, and which has become an international standard-bearer for sustainable urban regeneration through public-private partnerships.

According to the president of CreaMNN, Álvaro Aresti: “This is the best possible news because it means approval of a pivotal project for Madrid that citizens have been anticipating for 30 years. […] Our will and commitment are to continue promoting this project, which the city’s people want and which will help strengthen Madrid’s position as one of the most innovative, sustainable, and prosperous metropolitans in Europe”.

Next steps

With planning validity and legality confirmed and all management instruments in place, the parties responsible for the project intend to start construction in 2024 in the west Las Tablas area.

To that end, the presentation of the initiatives for three domains (APE 08.21 west Las Tablas, APE 05.31 Chamartín CBD, and APE 08.20 Malmea-San Roque-Tres Olivos) is planned in 2023, including basic urban development projects, common and shared infrastructure projects, and the bases and statutes of future Owners’ Associations.

14 February 2023


Madrid Nuevo Norte

14 February 2023

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