The Community of Madrid announces the final approval for Madrid Nuevo Norte

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The President of the Community of Madrid has announced that Madrid’s great urban regeneration project will obtain its final approval in the Governing Council meeting on March 25th.


La Comunidad de Madrid anuncia la aprobación definitiva de Madrid Nuevo Norte para el próximo 25 de marzo


The date is set for Madrid Nuevo Norte final approval: on March 25th, the Governing Council of the Community of Madrid will grant the long-awaited approval for Madrid Nuevo Norte, an urban regeneration project that will transform the capital, putting it at the forefront of the world’s major cities.

The president of the Community of Madrid, Ms. Isabel Díaz Ayuso, announced it on Monday in an interview for TVE (Spanish television). The president highlighted that this project, now being approved by the Administrations, is “the largest urban regeneration project in Europe” and stressed that the urban plan includes important infrastructures such as the devising of a new public transport network in the area and much-needed facilities as health centres or schools. Ms. Ayuso further explained that with Madrid Nuevo Norte, 250,000 new jobs will be created in the capital.

The approval by the regional government is the last administrative step to validate this great urban project, which had already been approved unanimously by all political parties last July at a Plenary Session in the City Council of Madrid. After this relevant milestone, the project’s planning phase comes to an end as the implementation phase starts. In this new stage, the first goal, prior to the works, is to draft the reparcelling and development projects.

9 March 2020


Madrid Nuevo Norte

9 March 2020

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