Madrid Nuevo Norte’s digital model on display at the Real Casa de Correos at Puerta del Sol until 18 September

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Admission is free, open Monday to Friday from 10am to 8 pm.

The experience draws the visitor into the project that will transform Madrid, providing insight into its magnitude


La maqueta digital de Madrid Nuevo Norte se expone en la Real Casa de Correos de Sol hasta el próximo 18 de septiembre


The new Madrid Nuevo Norte digital model will be on display at the seat of the Regional Government of Madrid at Puerta del Sol from 7 to 18 September. Admission is free, open Monday to Friday from 10am to 8pm. This spectacular city model is the best way to explore this large urban regeneration project and gain insight into the dramatic transformation it will bring to Madrid.

The model combines digital technology -two enormous screens- and an eye-catching, physical city model that features all the details of this unique project through a carefully crafted audiovisual experience.

The visitors will get a sense of the magnitude of the project that will transform two million square meters of land, spread across a 5.6-kilometre strip from Mateo Inurria Street, next to Plaza de Castilla, to the M-40 ring road. An area that is equivalent to that from Plaza de Neptuno, in the centre of Madrid, to Plaza de Castilla.

They can also see the location and height of the buildings in Madrid Nuevo Norte that will accommodate 10,500 residential units and nearly 1.5 million square metres of office space. It will create one of Europe’s most modern business centres, changing the capital’s skyline with an iconic skyscraper that will exceed 300 metres in height.

This city model also provides insight into the amount and location of public facilities that will be built at Madrid Nuevo Norte, including health centres, schools, cultural and sports centres.

The six-minute experience includes a detailed narration of every aspect of the project. Meanwhile, the two large screens show the technical details and realistic recreation of what Madrid will look like on completion of the project.

The visitors will learn about the location and dimension of the project, bridges and undergrounding of the tracks, which will end the decades-long isolation of the northern neighbourhoods of the city. They will also find out about the 400,000 square metres of new green areas that will be created in Madrid, including two unique spaces, the Central Park over Chamartín Station’s rail tracks and the green corridor linking this park with Monte de El Pardo.

Furthermore, the digital model provides an educational tour of the large infrastructures that Madrid Nuevo Norte will contribute to the city to improve the quality of life of millions of citizens. Worth noting among these infrastructures –undergrounding of rail tracks, five new bridges, a tunnel connecting the districts and over 12 kilometres of new water mains- is the excellent public transport network that will be built in the area, harnessing Chamartín Station’s potential.

The model shows how this transport network will driveMadrid’s mobility paradigm towards more sustainable modes of transport, including a new Metro line, a pioneering bus rapid transit (BUP) system with traffic light priority, a new commuter train station and two new intermodal transport hubs.

In short, Madrid Nuevo Norte’s digital model is a pleasant way to experience the soon-to-be future of Madrid. A more modern, more sustainable and more prosperous city.


La maqueta digital de Madrid Nuevo Norte se expone en la Real Casa de Correos de Sol hasta el próximo 18 de septiembre

7 September 2020


Madrid Nuevo Norte

7 September 2020

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