Madrid Nuevo Norte, innovative urbanism in the premier league of European projects

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Madrid Nuevo Norte proposes an urban planning model different from that which has been implemented in Spain in recent decades, with closer similarity to the more pioneering actions in Europe.


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Madrid Nuevo Norte is the most significant large-scale urban regeneration project in our country in recent decades, both in terms of sustainable and innovative design and magnitude of the action and its transformative power. So much so that this project has become the figurehead of European urbanism beyond our borders.

Currently, a dozen major European projects have integrated the latest trends in urban planning into their urban regeneration initiatives, especially in Germany, Italy, England and the Netherlands. Beyond Europe, there are also significant projects in cities such as New York, Toronto or Sydney.

The new generation of large projects underway in recent years has focused on sustainable mobility and creating dense, compact cities in which different land uses mix and complement each other. All these characteristics are essential to achieving public spaces vibrant with urban life, a primary objective of current trends.

These new actions build on notable projects developed in previous decades, such as La Défense in Paris and Potsdamer Platz in Berlin.


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Madrid Nuevo Norte excels among the best

Against this backdrop, Madrid Nuevo Norte has positioned itself in the premier league of large international projects with which it shares commonalities. It also stands out as the most significant European project of its kinds, stretching north to south for 5.6 kilometres, equivalent to nearly the size of Madrid’s central core. It is the same distance as between the Neptune Fountain and Plaza de Castilla.

Broader and more active citizen participation is one of the more noteworthy best practices of the most innovative international urbanism trends. To that end, Madrid Nuevo Norte has conducted an unprecedented process to listen to citizens and take on board their feedback and needs.

Against this background, Madrid Nuevo Norte will be the best legacy for Madrid moving forward, an iconic project that will make it easier for the city to compete with other major international capitals in terms of job creation, innovation and sustainable development.


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12 November 2019


Madrid Nuevo Norte

12 November 2019

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