Madrid Nuevo Norte, a model city for the future

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Madrid Nuevo Norte addresses the main urban challenges of the coming decades, including environmental responsibility, talent retention and sustainable employment.

This initiative will create a healthy environment to live and work, where getting around on foot or bike will be easy; an environment that will further the cultural values of Madrid.


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Madrid Nuevo Norte’s urban design tackles the significant challenges cities will face in the coming decades. Madrid’s pioneering urban regeneration initiative takes into account aspects that were overlooked in other urban developments, putting Madrid at the forefront of state-of-the-art urban planning. This city model combines economic development with urban sustainability, designed to ensure the well-being of the people who will live and work in the area and all Madrid residents.

Sustainable mobility is at the heart of Madrid Nuevo Norte. The project was designed to make it easier to live, work, access health and educational facilities, shop or enjoy leisure and sports activities without travelling long distances. Its streets, with large public spaces, are meant to be walked. All basic daily needs will be available within a walkable or cyclable radius. Thirteen (13) kilometres of cycleways will help connect the new development to the surrounding neighbourhoods.


Madrid Nuevo Norte, un modelo de ciudad para el futuro CBD Madrid Nuevo Norte


A city model committed both to local businesses and attracting talent and innovation, and boosting the regional economy in the medium and long term. Madrid Nuevo Norte will be a significant source of quality employment. Over 250,000 jobs are expected to be created with this project: 118,000 during the implementation phase, and an additional 130,000 by new activity in the new neighbourhoods.

This involves taking account of Madrid’s unique identity, where the project will be developed. It is also about promoting the cultural values of the neighbourhoods adjacent to the new development. This means that its historical heritage must be at the heart of the new urban spaces, and the new and consolidated areas must be fully integrated.

This urban development will be key for Madrid. It is closely linked to all aspects of sustainability – economic, environmental and social. Indeed, Madrid Nuevo Norte addresses all the UN Sustainable Development Goals applicable to an urban regeneration project.

28 September 2020


Madrid Nuevo Norte

28 September 2020

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