Las Tablas Oeste implementation initiative submitted, advancing the Madrid Nuevo Norte urban development project

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  • It includes the area’s essential urban development project, as well as the draft bases and statutes of the future Owners’ Association.

  • The initiative of two additional project areas—the Chamartín Central Business District and Malmea, San Roque, Tres Olivos—is slated for submission next year.

The Madrid Nuevo Norte project is moving forward, propelled by collaboration between the railway companies (Adif, Adif AV, Renfe Operadora, and Renfe Mantenimiento) and Crea Madrid Nuevo Norte, who work according to the deadlines established for the urban development of the project’s four areas: Las Tablas Oeste; Chamartín station; Chamartín Central Business District (CN); and Malmea, San Roque, Tres Olivos (MSRTO).

In this respect, Adif and Adif AV have officially registered the Las Tablas Oeste APE 08.21 implementation initiative with Madrid City Hall.

This represents a major milestone in the development of Madrid Nuevo Norte since, once the initiative is appraised by the local government, the processing of the bases and statutes and the construction project can formally begin; final approval will permit the establishment of an Owners’ Association and the start of construction.

Together, Adif, Adif AV, Renfe, Renfe Mantenimiento, and the other owners of Madrid Nuevo Norte are making progress in formalising the implementation initiative for two other areas, CN and MSRTO, whose submission to City Hall is scheduled for next year.

6 October 2023


Madrid Nuevo Norte

6 October 2023

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