ADIF will put out the tender for the comprehensive transformation of Chamartín Train Station

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The competition will select the team that will design the future railway complex of Chamartín, the center of the Spanish High Speed ​​Railway and the heart of Madrid Nuevo Norte.


The Ministry for Transport, Mobility and Urban Affairs has put out, together with ADIF, an international tender for the comprehensive transformation of Chamartín Train Station, making it Europe’s most advanced railway complex. The tender, which has just been given the go-ahead, involves the preparation of the architecture projects required for this ambitious remodelling and the development of adjacent areas. The buildings and facilities will include both the railway complex itself, as well as those for tertiary uses, which correspond to DCN. This will be the first of various interventions and the key to Madrid’s transformation in the coming decades, thanks to the Madrid Nuevo Norte project.

Minister José Luis Ábalos and the president of the railway operator, Isabel Pardo de Vera, presented the tender conditions today at Chamartín Train Station. The jury will consist of representatives from the Ministry for Transport, Mobility and Urban Affairs, ADIF, ADIF High Speed, Madrid City Council and Regional Government of Madrid, professional associations and DCN.


Adif pone en marcha el concurso para la transformacion de Chamartin 2048x1365 1

Minister José Luis Ábalos and the president of DCN, Álvaro Aresti, at the presentation of the international tender


The President of ADIF pointed out that, following its expansion, Chamartín will become the largest railway terminal in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, and “a focal and central point for all high speed and commuter trains, as well as an intermodal public transport hub, acting as an international benchmark that will live up to our society’s demands.” Isabel Pardo also highlighted the opportunity this provides, “as it coincides in time and place with the strategic operation of Madrid Nuevo Norte”. She also referred to this occasion as “unrepeatable, given that both actions will mutually enhance each other, creating a unique space that will serve as a driving force for Madrid and the Spanish rail network”.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Transport stressed that the new station will be the most significant European example of a sustainable station, well-connected and conducive to bringing people together, ensuring coexistence within the city, “objectives that are fully integrated into the Madrid Nuevo Norte project”.

The Minister described the future Chamartín Station as an exciting project, “a benchmark for the urban model in which we believe and a hallmark for all Spaniards”. For Ábalos, the new railway complex “will make Chamartín the heart that will pump the lifeblood again into this new wonderful city”.

The process set off today seeks to select a multidisciplinary team of experts in architecture, engineering and urban development, who will together draft the projects to upgrade the railway complex. This action will make Chamartín the country’s high-speed train hub and a state-of-the-art station, with an iconic design and the latest technical advances, located in the very heart of the capital’s new Business District, from where the new public transport network in northern Madrid will be deployed.


Adif pone en marcha el concurso para la transformacion de la estacion de Chamartin 2048x1291 1

The presentation took place at Chamartín Train Station

27 February 2020


Madrid Nuevo Norte

27 February 2020

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