The 2023 Sustainability Action awards recognise the sustainable commitment of Madrid Nuevo Norte

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  • The awards ceremony is part of Sustainability Day 2023, organised by the Custommedia group, publisher of CompromisoRSE and Equipos&Talento. The goal of these awards is to recognise the commitment of companies, organisations, and public administrations to create actions and initiatives that further the sustainable development of society and the planet.

From the outset, Madrid Nuevo Norte was conceived as a benchmark in sustainability, a resolute commitment and a reflection of the drive for public-private partnerships, all of which was recognised today with the 2023 Sustainability Action award, presented by the Custommedia group, publisher of the sector’s leading publications, CompromisoRSE and Equipos&Talento.

With this acknowledgment, we aim to reinforce “Madrid Nuevo Norte’s commitment and intent to be Europe’s largest zero-emission urban development”, […] at a gala celebrating Sustainability Day 2023, which brought together executives, heads of HR, Communications and CSR, as well as sustainability specialists at the Museo Reina Sofía to address the major ESG issues, climate change, and the zero-emissions challenge, among other topics.

The award, which was accepted by the head of Innovation at Crea Madrid Nuevo Norte, Javier Dorao, recognises the different strategies undertaken at Madrid Nuevo Norte to build a new sustainable city model in terms of energy, the naturalisation of spaces, water management, and the commitment to sustainable mobility.

Moreover, we wish to highlight Madrid City Hall’s declaration of Madrid Nuevo Norte’s Central Business District, one of the four project areas, as a Demonstrated Climate Action Area (DEMO 360 Area) for which we will develop an action plan that includes positive energy buildings, reduced carbon mobility, nature-based solutions, and low-emission construction.

26 October 2023


Madrid Nuevo Norte

26 October 2023

for Madrid Nuevo Norte