This is what Madrid Nuevo Norte will look like

Renovating Madrid while preserving its essence

Madrid's major urban regeneration project will fill the void created by the train tracks, giving new life to disused land in the heart of the capital by converting it into an innovative, urban environment centred around people that respects the city's identity.

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Social and economic impact

Madrid Nuevo Norte will have a significant positive impact on the regional and national economy

Jobs created from the project


Madrid Nuevo Norte will have a positive impact on the country's GDP and will promote recovery

Impact on GDP

EUR 15.2 B

The execution of the project will have a positive balance for all of the Public Administrations

Public revenue



Would you like to participate in Madrid Nuevo Norte? Here you can find out how, with initiatives aimed at allowing everyone to form part of this large-scale transformation of the capital.

City model

The chance to help solve the social, economic and environmental challenges of our times.

A city full of life, where it’s natural to get around is on foot, by bike, and by public transport.

A smart urban environment, with the knowledge economy and local commerce playing a leading role.


An area free of greenhouse gas emissions, with actions aimed at mobility, the energy model and a commitment to the circular economy.

The project’s network of green areas and naturalized spaces will create its own ecosystem that will promote biodiversity and regulate microclimates.

A 100%-accessible city, designed to be enjoyed equally by everyone.


11 June 2024

Las bicicletas son para la ciudad

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The measures planned for Madrid Nuevo Norte will make it an international benchmark of sustainability by applying best practices as they relate to environmental respect, the wellbeing of people, and driving the local economy, prosperity, and job creation.

Javier Torralba

Director of BREEAM in Spain

The commitment to a sustainable vision and a resilient future for Madrid Nuevo Norte will position Madrid as an international benchmark of habitability in the decades to come.

Kay Killmann

Managing director of Green Building Certification Institute Europe (GBCI Europe)

LEED pre-certification recognises Madrid Nuevo Norte’s commendable commitment to sustainability.

Reshma Kulkarni

Director of LEED for Cities at GBCI

Madrid Nuevo Norte is a very big transportation project, a big energy, water, health, economic, and lifestyle project, it’s a project about re-mixing the city, and resequencing what happens in the city together in a new way.

Greg Clark

World expert in cities and urban planning


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